When I started doing video production I did not think I would be filming weddings, but after helping out another wedding videographer I fell in love. I can honestly say I love shooting weddings. I love that I get to be a part of so many special days and around wonderful people. I am there for almost the entire wedding day capturing everything. I describe my style as somewhat similar to documentary. I stay out of the way and try to go unnoticed while capturing everything. I want to tell your love story and bring back all of the special moments of your wedding day. Wedding videography is often overlooked or put off until last and I can understand, because weddings are not cheap. However, it is the best way to preserve your wedding day, and one of the biggest regrets of those who chose not to have one. I'd love to meet and talk with you over coffee, or if that's not convenient for you I'm available to talk over the phone/email. No wedding is too far. I will travel anywhere. Below is a little more info on who I am. Thanks!

me and rosie.jpg

Outside of my work, I love my dog, Rosie, Kentucky basketball, traveling, bourbon, and Cajun food. I've most definitely watched The Office more times than you and possibly more times than anyone (more than 20 times all the way through). My all time favorite movie is Good Will Hunting. The two places I'd like to visit the most are New Zealand and Iceland.