This website is in need of a major update. Much has changed since I first made it and I think it needs more of a personal touch from the simple black and white layout. Over the next few months I will be bringing a more appealing and informative way to show what I can do and help you better understand what I can provide. Thanks!

Getting to know me

As you probably have determined by now, my name is Will Campbell.  I currently live in Louisville, KY with my wife, but I am originally from Brandenburg, KY.  I went to school at WKU where I studied film.  I loved my time at WKU and the film program was great.  I made a lot of friends in the program, and have even worked with a few since graduating. 

This past year I freelanced primarily for a company here in Louisville.  It was a great experience.  I got to work with some really awesome guys and learned a lot from switching to a new editing software to better understanding audio production.  This past summer they ended up taking their company in a new direction and went all in on a app that they've created and has taken off.  The result of this left in me in a place where I needed to make a decision.  I could either take over their biggest client that they offered to turn over to me, or I could go out on my own and take the risk of trying to build my own business.  This was a decision that I weighed heavily.  On one hand I could have a steady flow of income from this client even though it wasn't necessarily what I got into this industry for, or I could go out on my own and do work that I was more interested in with the risk of having to constantly find sources of income.  After much prayer and discussions with my wife, I decided to take the risk and go all in on myself, focusing on projects that I enjoy most, such as weddings, commercials, and promo videos.  It has only been two weeks since I made this decision and I couldn't be happier.  Since then I have filmed one wedding, booked five more weddings, and have two upcoming commercials to produce. I know it's going to be a lot of hard work, constantly searching for new clients, but I am a firm believer that you should enjoy what you do and when you do good work will come from it.